Advise on PPP

Advise on PPP

Assistance for the analysis of Pre-Sheets


  • Legal, technical and fiscal requirements.
  • Risk quantification.
  • Pre-feasibility analysis.


Assistance for the analysis of Sheets

  • Implementation of legal requirements.
  • Analysis of environmental aspects: compliance with requirements during the construction, execution and maintenance stage.
  • Preparation of the risk matrix.
  • Estimation of mitigation costs.
  • Due diligence.
  • Project feasibility and financial structuring of the project.
  • Preparation of the Offer


Analysis of Definitive Specifications: Legal, environmental, technical, financial and tax aspects.

  • Identification of the tax scheme and its impact on the Project.
  • Assistance and Coordination for the preparation and presentation of the offer.
  • Determination of costs.
  • Technical / legal analysis of the Contract.
  • Workplan.
  • Signing of the Contract and Financial Closing


Preparation of the Definitive Work Plan.


  • Verification of compliance with the conditions.
  • Assistance in signing the Contract.
  • Assistance for financial closing.


Assistance during the Execution of the Contract

  • Back Office
  • Assistance for the fulfillment of the work plan.
  • Supplier Management.
  • Assistance for the preparation of reports according to the PPP Contract.
  • Assistance for the issuance of certificates, invoices, issuance of TPI's and TPD's.


Assistance during the Operation and Maintenance stage

  • Back Office.
  • Assistance for the preparation of reports, compliance with the work plan.
  • Assistance for the negotiation and placement of TPI's and TPD's