Fraud, Investigations and Legal Disputes

Fraud, Investigations and Legal Disputes

We provide advice and support in litigations, investigations and business restructuring for public and private organizations (including insurance companies, financial institutions, government agencies and law firms). We combine, in an innovative way, our knowledge on accounting, auditing and advisory in different industries all over the world in order to guarantee rapid and strategic advice, assisting our clients to resolve business litigation, mergers and acquisitions disputes, to carry out preventive and detective investigations, as well as in matters concerning financial insolvency and regulatory compliance.


  • Implementation of ethics and conduct standards - Communication - Training.
  • Analysis of the backgrounds of entities and individuals.
  • Analysis of the exposure to fraud risk in different processes.
  • Design and evaluation of anti-corruption programs.


  • Provision and management of Whistleblower Hotlines.
  • Proactive data analysis.
  • Continuous antifraud monitoring using Business Intelligence technologies.


  • Investigation of frauds and other policy and procedure violations.
  • Analysis of complex damages.
  • Determination and collection of evidence.
  • Forensic accounting, process, computer, and scientific document analysis.
  • Design of corrective measures and anti-fraud controls.