People & Change

People & Change


The need for change within organizations is common in a world in which constant technological, political and cultural transformations take place.

But how can companies and teams be effectively transformed in a globalized environment and what can managers and professionals do to successfully achieve significant changes?

At BDO we know that change in organizations is a dynamic and continuous process, not an objective in itself, but rather it is addressed to meet the business strategy and add value to the organization.

Each change process creates uncertainty, but also moments of motivation and enthusiasm when progress is noticed and the results become tangible. For this we offer a structured, careful and proven methodology for more than ten years in various projects and companies of different industries and sizes.

Our approach helps organizations drive the curve of change: we create context, monitor impacts and ensure their consolidation and improvement.

We accompany our clients to go through the process based on the knowledge, understanding and constant dialogue between all the parties involved because we believe that the greatest probability of achieving a successful change occurs when we invite their protagonists to co-create, get involved, learn and collaborate with the new reality.

We have the experience of more than 200 successful projects in organizations of all types and sizes within all industries.

We specialize, among others, in the following types of changes that produce strong impacts that must be managed:

  • Digital and Technological transformation processes.
  • Business agility
  • Process reengineering.
  • Organizational redesign
  • Transformations and corporate reorganizations (Mergers & Acquisitions).
  • Implementation of Programs of: Compliance, Conduct, Inclusion & Diversity, Employer Brand.
  • New Physical Work Spaces (Removals - Lay Out Redesign).
  • Creation of CSC (Shared Services Centers). Impairment or disaffection of equipment
  • New ways of working and reconfiguring remote computers