Services for Banks and Financial Entities

Services for Banks and Financial Entities

We have an interdisciplinary Professional Team with vast experience and training in the Financial System, providing an excellent service to the different entities that make it up:

  • Banks and Financial Entities regulated by the BCRA
  • ALYC
  • Credit cards;
  • Leasing Companies;
  • Managing Companies and FCI
  • Other Unregulated Financial

Our professionals are highly qualified and specialized in the Industry characterized by its complexity and the high degree of competitiveness, combining profiles and experience that allow us to provide innovative solutions tailored to each need.

Our differential is to provide a personalized, flexible, professional and appropriate service to each need. We strive to provide "Exceptional Customer Service."

Among the main services we provide we highlight the following:

  • Comprehensive risk management.
  • Prevention of Money Laundering;
  • Redesign, efficientization and Process Documentation.
  • Corporate governance. Operational and Financial Risks
  • Total or partial outsourcing of Risk Management tasks
  • Development of Models for the calculation of Economic Capital and
  • Review and Assurance of regulatory compliance (BCRA, CNV, UIF, SSN, AFIP)
  • Design and implementation of individual and comprehensive Business Plans and Stress Tests
  • Advice on the Capital Market Law. Regulatory compliance
  • Design and Implementation of Management Dashboards
  • Actuarial audits for ICAAP validation
  • Adequacy and Advice on IFRS
  • Preparation and implementation of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Creation and transformation of Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Comprehensive Adaptation to FATCA and OECD Standards
  • Income insurance
  • Dictation of Training Workshops
Florencia Bo

Florencia Bo

Consulting Services for Financial Entities and Insurance Director
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