Money Laundering Prevention

Money Laundering Prevention

In a globalized context, organizations are increasingly exposed to the risks of Money Laundering. Therefore, in recent years, regulations and requirements have been significantly increasing. At BDO, we advise and accompany Obligated Subjects in the comprehensive compliance with the UIF regulations and international standards.

Reported Parties are receiving unprecedented external pressure to act as the first line of defense in the global war against money laundering and terrorist financing. In order to avoid potentially serious consequences, Entities must proactively design and keep solid programs for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism (AML and CFT) and compliance with the Law.

At the local level, the FIU has deepened the requirements and inspections, paying special attention to the real identification of customers, the adequate design of processes and preventive controls as well as the definition of risk matrices, profiles and monitoring mechanisms according to the size and risk of each Entity.

This generates the Obliged Subjects the need to implement a System of continuous improvement of their Processes and permanent updating of their employees.

At BDO we provide a service tailored to the needs of each Company.

We have a team of qualified professionals specialized in the matter, internationally certified, and with experience in practical application in companies of various sizes. We are referents in the matter at a National and International level. Among the Obliged Subjects that we advise are (Art.20 Law 25.246)

  • Natural or legal persons that as a habitual activity exploit games of chance

  • Financial Entities and ALYC

  • Flow Conveyors

  • Real Estate Brokers

  • Construction companies that also sell real estate

  • Soccer Clubs

  • Foundations

  • Legal persons that receive donations or contributions from third parties

  • Companies dedicated to the sale of automobiles and the like


Process and Control Design. Documentation

  • Preparation and / or Adequacy of Policies and Procedures defined for their implementation and monitoring by those responsible.
  • Updating of current documentation: Manuals, Forms, and Reports.
  • Design and implementation of "Profiles" and "Risk Matrices"; customer and product segmentation.
  • Establishment of "unusual" and "early warning" parameters of operations, for their entry into the control systems, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring.
  • Definition of Monitoring and Control Mechanisms for the detection of unusual operations and OS reporting.
  • Implement document management tools for the administration of Files.
  • Functional Consulting in the implementation of Technological Tools for the AML and CFT