Risk Management and Fraud Management

We work alongside insurance companies in the implementation of fraud prevention programs, as well as in managing it. This is in accordance with the requirements of the SSN and best practices, adapting them to the needs and characteristics of each company.

At BDO, we have qualified professionals with experience in both practice and the industry, who can weigh the needs and offer appropriate solutions to each situation that arises.

Services include:


Design of Processes and Controls - Documentation

  • Development and/or Adaptation of Policies and Procedures defined for implementation and monitoring by responsible parties.
  • Updating of current documentation: Manuals, Forms, and Reports.
  • Establishment of "early warning" parameters.
  • Definition of Monitoring and Control Mechanisms for the detection of fraudulent operations.


Gap Analysis

  • Comparison with regulatory provisions and best practices.
  • Establishment of an action plan.
  • Design of self-assessment processes.

Independent Compliance Evaluation

  • Independent audit aimed at verifying the degree of compliance regarding fraud, in the framework of Resolution SSN 38,477 and best practices.
  • Simulation of inspections.


Fraud and PLA Advisory Services

  • Global services that include investigations on their own initiative or arising from inquiries by regulatory or judicial entities.
  • Due Diligence of third parties and employees.
  • Development and maintenance of ethical lines.


  • Training plans for direct and indirect responsible parties.
  • Advice to the Compliance Officer.
  • Regulatory updating.
  • In-company training courses for all employees according to the levels they occupy in the organization, and specific to their compliance officer.