Asset Prevention and Financing of Terrorism

We assist Insurance Companies in the implementation of comprehensive PLAyFT Compliance Programs in accordance with the requirements of Res. 202/2015 of the UIF, with a modern, practical and appropriate methodological approach tailored to each Company.

Our Services are focused on the needs of each Company and seek to guarantee the adequate Design of Processes aimed at preventing money laundering (PLAyFT), and verifying that they comply with the requirements of current regulations and best market practices.

At BDO we have a team of qualified professionals specialized in the matter, internationally certified, and with experience in practical application in companies of various sizes. We are referents in the matter at a National and International level.

Our services:

Process and Control Design. Documentation

• Preparation and / or Adaptation of Policies and Procedures defined for their implementation and monitoring by those responsible.
• Updating of current documentation: Manuals, Forms, and Reports.
• Design and implementation of "Profiles" and "Risk Matrices"; customer and product segmentation.
• Establishment of “unusual” and “early warning” parameters of operations, for their entry into the control systems, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring.
• Definition of Monitoring and Control Mechanisms for the detection of unusual operations and the reporting of Suspicious Operations.
• Implement document management tools for the administration of Files.

Independent Compliance Assessment

• Independent audit aimed at verifying the degree of compliance with PLAyFT with the requirements of Res. 202/2015 of the UIF and complementary ones. (Art 4. Inc. c. Res 202).
• "Review and Diagnosis". Identification of Opportunities for Improvement and "Regulatory Compliance".
• Simulation of Inspections.

Fraud and PLA Advisory Services

• Global services that include investigations on their own initiative or that arise from inquiries by regulatory or judicial entities.


• Training Plans for direct and indirect managers (Art 4. Inc. d. And Art. 5 inc. G. Res 202).