Operational Risks

Our goal is to provide the necessary assistance to successfully face the risks of operational losses caused by poor management of processes, systems, personnel or external fraud.

We assist insurance companies that seek to improve the management of their business by identifying exposure to risks and fraud, measuring in a qualitative-quantitative way its probability of occurrence and impact through the implementation of a Risk Indicator System (KRI) and an Operational Risk Management System (SGRO) covering the entire insurance activity.

We will help you:

• Identify and map critical administrative, financial, commercial and operational business processes.
• Identify the risks of operating loss to which the company is exposed, organizing and prioritizing them by criticality of the associated business cycle.
• Evaluate the risks of operating loss by probability of occurrence and impact, creating a management dashboard to monitor them.
• Propose efficiency and effectiveness improvements that optimize the cost-benefit ratio of existing controls.
• Develop treatment plans for critical risks that compromise the profitability of the company.
• Develop forms, policies and procedures for risk management and propose the appropriate structure for its continuity over time.
• Design key risk indicators to monitor risk underwriting activity, claims payments, producer commissions and supplier payments linked to settlement activity.
• Collaborate in the implementation of risk management dashboards.
• Identify internal personnel for process management according to the current possibilities of the company.
• Search and select risk management software and personnel.
• Collaborate in the implementation of Loss Event Registration Systems (SREP) and Risk Management Dashboards (KRI)