We accompany Human Capital Directors and their teams in the development of processes, work methodologies, and digital transformation of their operations, positioning them as transformational leaders and inspirers of new ways of working. We promote collaborative, agile, and flexible work models.

We position Human Capital leaders as true business partners. We also assume the role temporarily, if necessary, either fully or in specific functions.

Our services:

  • Organizational redesign (downsizing, upsizing, rightsizing)
  • Climate surveys and polls (one-time or continuous through the use of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Support to capitalize on new ways of working. Talent identification and potential assessment 4.0 Training Strategies - Gamification - Playful Intelligence
  • Cultural Change Management
  • Digital Transformation of the Human Capital area

We provide Artificial Intelligence to measure and improve your employees' experience

  • Transform your employees' experience with AI
  • Identify employees with low engagement or at risk of leaving in time, enhance leaders' work, and automate tasks with a conversational Artificial Intelligence interface.
  • Continuously listen on autopilot: have frequent and personalized conversations with each employee, obtain detailed information about their experience, and detect dissatisfied or at-risk employees in real-time.
  • Obtain real-time analytics for all involved teams: leaders, executive team, HR team, among others!
  • Replace outdated climate surveys that ask all employees the same questions once a year. Manage your people's experience in real-time.
  • Integrate these conversations with the same devices that employees use in their daily lives: Whatsapp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workday, Success Factors SAP, and many more.