Tailor-made training programs for each of your objectives, developed through a thorough analysis of TNA (Training Needs Analytics), and from there, we create learning experiences.

Through innovative methodologies, we generate interactive and integrated resources:

  • Ludic Intelligence: Serious games devices (business games for specific purposes) that we adapt to the needs of each organization. We can also develop any type of customized fun activity that aims to transmit knowledge, raise awareness, and have an impact on culture.
  • Master Business Agility: Together with the Agile Institute, we design a training program that covers the principles of agility and allows for international certification in Scrum Master, Lean Change Management, OKR, among others.
  • In-company training: We provide customized training programs, offering topics and meeting organizational needs, adapted to the specific needs of each of our clients and their teams of collaborators.
  • Tutorial development: We design didactic materials, courses and their contents, transforming them into meaningful learning experiences, through multimedia resources and with tools such as gamification and micro-learning.
  • Train-the-trainer: We develop resources and training plans with technical and didactic resources that promote the transfer of knowledge from experts to the change agents, promoting the updating of contents and the quality of training.
  • Corporate outings: We design and implement collaboration experiences for team coexistence, promoting dynamics that foster motivation and co-construction, aligned with the purpose of our clients.