Risk Management


A business risk system or ERM Enterprise Risk Management, is based on holistically managing all the relevant risks of an organization.

The most used approaches are COSO ERM and ISO 31000, both managed by our teams of experts, who have tools for their qualitative and quantitative determination. In turn, through the ISO 31010 standard, effective assessment tools are implemented for the different instances of the risk life cycle.

ISO 31000 is an international standard (the most widely used in terms of risks at a global level), which offers the guidelines and principles to manage the risk of organizations. This standard provides a series of techniques for the identification and evaluation of risks, both positive and negative, and helps to make better decisions by rationalizing scarce resources in order to obtain the maximum value for the organization.

A Risk Management System can be implemented extensively, that is, at the organization level as a whole, or for specific issues (eg: Compliance Risks - Fraud Risks - Financial Report Risks - Etc.).


Our Risk Management Services

  • Implementation of Risk Management Systems at the Corporate level
  • Implementation of Risk Management for specific issues
  • Risk Mapping for specific purposes (eg SOX; Strategic; Anti-bribery Compliance; Safety, Hygiene and Health; among others).
  • Implementation of technology for Risk Management
  • Analysis of the Internal Control System. Rationalization of Controls
  • Advanced training and International Certification as Risk Manager ISO 31000