Internal Audit

Organizational drivers need a reliable internal control system. This fundamentally means that the relevant controls to mitigate significant risks exist, and that they function appropriately.

An effective Internal Audit function must include a review plan for financial, accounting, operational, and technological processes and controls, among others. Our work team has extensive experience in the identification of risk areas and the design of checks that provide highly relevant information to identify possible errors, omissions, waste, inefficiencies, irregularities and / or fraud, and consider them as much as possible before that materialize, or detect events that have already occurred for their diligent approach.

Our Internal Audit Services

  • Creation of the Internal Audit area / function
  • Total or partial outsourcing of the Internal Audit function
  • Internal Audit Projects in specific processes, including those of high technological complexity
  • Creation and integration of Audit Committees to whom the Internal Audit function reports
  • Implementation of technology for Internal Audit, including Continuous Audit through the use of analytical technologies
  • Ability to articulate regional and global projects using our international network.