GRC Technology

The technology linked to GRC integrates solutions to improve the management of these aspects and their continuous improvement.

There are multiple solutions and tools that respond to the multiple edges of GRC.

Some of the GRC solutions we work with

ISOTools (Risk Management)

It has the ability to manage multiple models and methodologies for effective comprehensive risk management, or the management of specific risks

ISOTools (My Digital Compliance Office)

This is a technology where BDO has collaborated in the configuration of a model that allows managing all the processes and workflows that a Compliance area executes.

ISOTools (Internal Audit)

It is a very powerful module capable of flexibly managing the workflows of the Internal Audit function from planning to issuing reports.

Analytics and Data Science

Our team of experts can develop analytical applications using data mining technologies and mathematical and statistical analysis. We have teams of experts in tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, R, Python, among others.

Automation of Processes and Controls and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

It allows certain routines that were executed until now with the participation of a person to be carried out autonomously.

Continuous Audit / Continuous Monitoring

Using Analytics / Business Intelligence tools we can develop applications, tables, indicators and alerts to identify anomalies that must be investigated.

ERP security - grclinks®

It enables the definition of roles and profiles within the systems and through a powerful artificial intelligence engine, it identifies risks and requests their mitigation in an automated way.

Certronic (Contractors Risk Management / Contractor Control)

Help in managing risks that occur when working with third parties (contractors)

CheckPagos (Payment Control)

Helps in the necessary risk management when managing the organization's money outflows through its most important payment circuits

T&E Express (Control of Funds Outflow)

It helps in the necessary risk management when managing the outflow of funds in secondary circuits to the payment one (use of credit cards, advances, expense reports, fixed funds, travel and others).