Corporate Governance & SOX Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was designed to improve corporate governance guidelines and, in particular, to increase transparency in financial reporting. This legislation introduced an innovative approach to compliance by requiring organizations to provide quarterly and annual reports that certify the accuracy of their financial statements, endorsed by senior executive authorities (CEO and CFO) and adding an independent report from the External Auditor.

SOX Section 404 b in particular requires organizations to conduct an external audit to assess and report on the effectiveness of their internal controls. This evaluation should be carried out on the basis of the COSO® 2013 internal control framework, an integrated method that allows organizations to develop internal control systems in an effective and efficient, predictable, relatively homogeneous manner.

Our SOX Compliance services

  • Introduction to the method for companies that must comply for the first time or corporate reorganizations
  • Approach and scope strategy (scoping)
  • Analysis of the process design and specifically its risks and controls. Development of RCM (Risk and Control Matrices)
  • Control effectiveness tests (testing)
  • Evaluation of deficiencies and remediation plans
  • Technology to manage the entire process
  • Technology to manage the segregation of duties within the ERP
  • Control optimization, automation and rationalization
  • Training and change management