Fiscal Planning

Fiscal Planning

Reliable information and an adequate business plan are key to any successful venture. Considering that one of the most significant costs in any project is taxation, planning for the impact of taxes from the initial phase is crucial.


  • If you are considering starting a new business.
  • If you are thinking of making an investment in the country or abroad.
  • If you have a company that engages in transactions with foreign entities.
  • If you want to minimize costs and make your company more profitable and competitive.
  • If you want to ensure that the tax criteria used are those that generate an appropriate tax burden.

... now is the time to start with a tax planning analysis.

What is Fiscal Planning?

It involves designing a strategy that allows for the optimization of the tax burden in order to increase results through the choice of the most suitable structure and the application of the best alternative provided by tax legislation.


Based on a solid understanding of local and international tax regulations, with a proper commercial appreciation and creative vision that allows for the identification of situations that can be improved.

Why BDO?

Because our commitment to our clients is a fundamental premise of our service. Regardless of their size, our clients have access to seamless and comprehensive support provided by highly trained professionals who complement their technical knowledge with a solid business-oriented education in each industry.

Because we contribute to the operational analysis of different cash flows (investment and return) to optimize returns and minimize the occurrence of contingencies, providing a higher level of security to the management of an organization's administration. Because we assist in reviewing the current tax treatment of certain transactions in your company, pointing out valid alternatives that can reduce the direct cost or associated tax burden of the company.

Because we have the resources offered by the global BDO International Network, which allows us to provide advice in those operations where our services need to be emphasized:

  • International tax advice.
  • Advice and planning regarding indirect taxes and customs obligations.
  • Double taxation treaties.
  • Utilization of foreign tax credits.
  • International corporate restructuring to maximize the benefits of local legislations in each jurisdiction involved.
  • Local and international promotion schemes.