Tax advice and planning 
Because we are well aware of how taxation services may create value to our clients, this is one of the core services of BDO. Our tax professionals are committed do delivering industry oriented services based on strong technical skills.
- Tax advisory to define business strategies or solutions. 
- Optimization of fiscal burden. 
- Proposals to use favourable tax balances. 
- Implementation of investment promotion projects. 
- Tax update. 
- Comprehensive advisory in merger, acquisition and reorganization processes. 
- Preparation or review of national, provincial and/or municipal tax returns. 
- Preparation of exportation-related tax credit reimbursements. 
- Support and follow up in national, provincial and municipal monitoring processes. 
- Monitoring compliance of formal and material obligations. 
- Fiscal audits. 

Social Security
We help Companies fulfil their role as employers, supporting them in all matters concerning labor and social security.
- Social security consultancy and audit services. 
- Support in case of social security inquiries. 
- Expatriates. 
- Directors: optimization of their social security burden. 
- Compliance of formal and material obligations. 
- Comprehensive advisory in merger, acquisition and reorganization processes.

International Taxation 
Network resources in 1095 offices distributed in 110 countries allow us to 
- Advise on transnational contracts, business and operations.
- Develop international tax planning. 
- Advise on agreements to avoid or reduce double taxation and bilateral and/or multilateral tax agreements. 
- Provide advisory services in connection with Expatriates. 
- Plan and participate in international tax due diligence processes