Audit Services for Public Sector

Audit Services for Public Sector

The challenges faced by the public sector in Latin America motivated us to create the regional configuration called SP LatAm, which is comprised of all BDO firms in the region.

This area provides professional audit and consulting services for the public sector, promoting development at the national, regional, and local levels.

We provide solutions to our clients by combining our professional experience and commitment with a geographical coverage that extends throughout Latin America. In this way, we combine global expertise with solid knowledge of the local situation.

In short, we have created a unique proposal of professional services to strengthen Latin American governments and societies in their goal of achieving a better quality of life for their inhabitants.

Our services include:

  • Financial and operational auditing.
  • Projects with multilateral/bilateral financing (credit organizations).
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Audit and evaluation of social programs.
  • Audit of health systems (provincial and national).
  • Internal audit.
  • Support in special audits (anti-fraud).
  • Risk management.
  • Environmental audit.
  • Information technology audit.
  • Management and results audit.
  • Procurement and contracting processes.