Audit for Banks

Audit for Banks

BDO provides an external audit service, with a modern methodological framework and applicable to all types of organizations.


We are characterized by having:

  • Global work methodology, designed at an international level with sufficient technological support, based on:
  • An approach to planning based on the identified risks.
  • Evaluation of processes and systems.
  • Presence throughout the entire exercise.
  • Applicable to all dimensions and characteristics of companies.
  • Quality control processes of the defined methodology, both at the level of evaluation of the international firm, and of the local control bodies, with satisfactory results.
  • Formation of a consolidated, independent work team, with proven experience in financial activity regulated by the BCRA, SSN and CNV.
  • Proactive attitude and committed to the needs of client organizations, when facing the changing and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Our services

  • Traditional audit of annual financial statements and limited reviews.
  • Advice on accounting records and regulatory aspects.
  • Due diligence of organizations. Portfolio due diligence.
  • Audit in mergers and splits - Coordination of processes
  • Evaluation of the internal control of organizations with a functional, expanded approach.