Digital Governance Strategy

The importance of information and related technology continues to grow, and business leaders need good information to sharpen their vision and make sound business decisions, regardless of their industry.

Our goal is to ensure the operation of an organization and maintain compliance with internal and external regulations throughout the lifecycle of processes and technological systems, which requires exclusive dedication and a specialized team that provides responses according to the needs and scope of the Business. Likewise, this objective must be aligned with the Organization's business and quality objectives and collaborate with the Governance of technological services by providing security in each of its processes.


  • Corporate governance control in information security and cybersecurity
  • Diagnosis of maturity of technological governance and industrial and business cybersecurity
  • Standardization, implementation, and design of technological services and cybersecurity processes
  • Risk assessment for functional management and cybersecurity in the use of technology in business
  • Alignment of cybersecurity risk and incident management with governance
  • Implementation for international certification of technological management systems, information security, and continuity
  • Formalization of cybersecurity, continuity, and technological areas processes
  • Privacy and data governance