Mobile & IoT (Internet of Things)


We offer end-to-end application development solutions for your products. We follow all the stages of the development of custom apps for the company: we analyze your market needs, we bring together the team of developers, designers and evaluators and we publish your application in the application stores or on your corporate network.

  • Web app extension
  • Cross platform app development
  • Native mobile app development
  • Wearables and Smart devices


IoT Services

Our services are aimed at achieving the interconnection of products or elements with any other around them: from hardware to industrial equipment. We allow these devices to communicate with each other and, in this way, be more intelligent and independent. For this, it is necessary to develop different solutions that integrate new technologies and communication protocols. Internet of Things (IoT) allows systems to interact with elements of real life, increasing independence, automation and data generation.

The number of mobile, smart and interconnected devices continues to grow as we enter the age of the Internet of Things.

Leveraging smart sensors and controllers for pattern detection, decisions, and appropriate actions at the edge is a new and growing trend, but the challenge will be in controlling all of this data.

The shift to an IoT world means that devices, buildings, drones, cars, and people are always connected. With a focus on operational efficiency, automation, and new business models, IoT responds to the needs of increasingly mobile individuals and businesses.