Artifitial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We conceive Artificial Intelligence as the innovation applied in the use of intelligent technology and the human ability to solve specific issues of a certain complexity. Today its application is possible throughout the organization, functions and processes. The use of "Machine Learning", as one of the variants of artificial intelligence technology, allows systems to learn without having been specifically programmed for it.


Artifitial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Deep Learning 



Computer vision comes from the modeling and processing of images using machine learning techniques. Computer vision applies machine learning to recognize patterns for image interpretation. Like the visual reasoning process of human vision; We can distinguish objects, classify them, analyze forms according to different variables to finally suggest actions.


Natural language processing (NLP) describes the interaction between human language and computers. It is a technology that many people use on a daily basis and has been around for years but is often taken for granted. It is a field related to the ability of a computer to understand, analyze, manipulate and, potentially, generate human language in the interaction between a user and the system.



Speech recognition is the interdisciplinary subfield of computational linguistics that develops methodologies and technologies that allow the recognition and translation of spoken language into text.