Integral Administrative Operation

Integral Administrative Operation

What is support activity for you is "core" for us.

Company leaders are often forced to multiply their responsibilities and divide their attention in multiple directions, which negatively impacts the business. That is why the number of executives worldwide who trust our services as part of their strategy to improve their controls continues to grow every day.

Our multidisciplinary professional team combines the use of proven effective methodologies and technology with functional knowledge of businesses in different markets and industries.

Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing or contracting services offshore has been one of the preferred approaches for large North American and European companies to save money on operating costs in recent years. The creation of shared service centers in countries like Argentina and Uruguay enhances the advantages offered by lower labor costs, advanced technology, highly skilled resources, and tax benefits.

Shared Services Center

  • Definition of scope, sourcing strategy, governance model, development of the business case to support the decision, and implementation roadmap.
  • Design of the operational model, performance management, and service; including organizational structure, required capabilities, and IT platform to be used.
  • Assistance in implementing the organizational structure and negotiation; management of contracts with third parties; SLAs.
  • Support for pilot implementations and subsequent rollouts. Change management and project management.
  • Regional presence for integral feasibility analysis.


  • Fixed asset management.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Handling auditors and/or reviewers.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards (e.g., B.C.R.A.).
  • Invoicing and collections.
  • Receipt, accounting, and archiving of supplier invoices.
  • Inventory records.

Payment Management

  • Creation of periodic payment proposals.
  • Calculation and issuance of tax withholding documents.
  • Issuance of payment orders.
  • Approval management.
  • Generation of payment instruments (checks, transfers, VEPs).

Integration with ERP software: combining technologies for greater efficiency; quick configuration and implementation.