Hotels & Leisure


The Hotels, Tourism and Leisure industries cover a wide array of businesses that have some aspects in common. Globally speaking, they are among the most dynamic and growing industries, but in the current scenario of globalization they are also among those facing the strongest competition.

The owners of restaurants, sport institutions, hotels, resorts and casinos require a real effective resource management: any business that intends to be well-positioned in the market must have an international competitive profile. Only those that access the best advisory services, based on highly verified methodologies, as well as the best strategic information and knowledge of the sector manage to meet this challenge successfully.

Additionally, more and more enterprises in this sector are trying to expand their operations to other markets. We can assist them in the evaluation of possible alternatives (joint venture, branch, franchise, acquisition) to ensure that their choice has the most convenient tax structure and is supported by a proper knowledge of the scenario prevailing in each case.