Contractor Control

Control de Contratistas

Your Organization has outsourced functions, and we know how to control your contractors.

  • Proven methodology.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Extensive experience in process auditing.
  • Expert advisors and highly trained auditors.

Who We Are?

BDO has a dedicated business unit exclusively focused on providing outsourcing services and technology solutions related to contractor and supplier control. Our extensive background in auditing, consulting, and information technology allows us to deliver excellent service based on rigorous controls while maintaining direct and personalized contact with contractors and service providers, without neglecting the necessary professional objectivity.

We have a powerful software solution that, through a control panel composed of traffic lights and alerts, minimizes risks (such as labor, social security, legal, accidents to personnel and third parties, and contractual) related to contractors, employees, subcontractors, vehicles, and other resources entering the organization's facilities, plants, and offices in general. This technological solution is flexible to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients (in each industry) to ensure effective control activities. The controls are based on the application of best practices in risk management and regulatory compliance in each market and industry.

Key Features of Our Services

Leaders in highly complex projects in terms of auditing and control.

Comprehensive knowledge of the disciplines involved in contractor control (auditing, payroll processing, insurance, current labor laws and regulations, access control, training).

We have the most powerful technology for contractor control at the service of our clients.

Implementation Case Studies

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