Contractors Control

Your Company outsources tasks and we know how to control your suppliers

• Proven Methodology
• Cutting-edge Technology
• Ample experience in process audits
• Expert advisors and highly trained auditors

Who we are

BDO has a business unit exclusively focused on rendering outsourcing services and providing technological solutions to control suppliers. Our professional experience in the areas of audit, consulting and information technology enable us to render excellent services based on strict controls and keeping direct and personal contact with contractors and service suppliers without losing professional objectivity.

We own a powerful information technology solution, which through a control keyboard with signals and alerts, reduces risks (labor, social securities, legal, accidents of employees and of third parties and contractual ones) of contractors, employees, subcontractors, vehicles and other resources entering plants, offices and company premises in general. This technological solution is flexible with respect to specific requirements of each of our clients (for each industry type) in order to get more effective control activities. Controls are based on the application of better risk management practices of regulatory compliance for each market and industry.


Leaders in high complexity projects as regards audit and control.

Total knowledge in topics related to the control of contractors and suppliers (audit, payroll calculation, insurance, legal labor law in force, access control, training.).

We count with the most powerful technology to control contractors and suppliers and we offer such to our clients.