Automatization of Reconciliations, Reports and Budgets “ControlBots”

Importance of account reconciliation process

It is of utmost importance to ensure consistency of accounting and management data as a basic requirement to be used for decision making processes.

The process of account reconciliations is the basic method to achieve such: inter module reconciliations, reconciliations for banking, collections, payments, inventories, etc.

Innovation in the services for our clients: Our tool “ControlBots”

Additional to the expertise of our teams in audit and consulting, we count with exclusive software ControlBots©, specially designed to carry out automatic reconciliations of accounts and off-balance sheet accounts.

ControlBots© is the result of many years of analysis and perfection of reconciliation matters. It has an interface based in MS Excel, user friendly, totally compatible with any accounting and management system, own or third party one, and achieving high levels of efficiency in the task, and unique in the market.

How can we assist your company?

Our services are aimed at optimizing ongoing processes. That is why we offer:

• Licencing of ControlBots©: You, yourself, can count with this tool in your company together with our precise advisory service in the topic.
• Updating services for tasks as “departure point”.
• Reconciliation Outsourcing.


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