Every organization seeks the professionalization of the commercial area to increase the line of results. The challenge is even greater in shrinking markets, without increasing the size of the Marketing and Sales teams.

In consultative sales, the planning and implementation of processes tailored to each organization in the context in which it is immersed, will determine success and results.

BDO's combined experience with Grupo Generadores guarantees the necessary know-how to develop, transfer and execute profound changes in the organization's way of selling.

Our Services:

Commercial Area Transformation:

  • Transformation of Commercial Areas.
  • Development of Commercial Management Models.
  • Development of Commercial Compensation Schemes.
  • Creation of High-Performance Commercial Teams.
  • Training in Soft Sales Skills.
  • Selection of CRM Solutions.
  • Advanced Analytics applied to business.
  • Organizational Redesign.
  • Process Improvement / Area Transformation.

CX (Customer Experience):

  • Design of strategy and action plan.
  • CX maturity diagnosis.
  • Customer Service (CS).
  • Customer Journey Maps.
  • Segmentation and archetypes.
  • Agile CX Tables.
  • Service design and experience transformation.
  • Analytics - Voice of the Customer (VOC).
  • Analytics - Voice of the Employee (VOE).

UX (User Experience):

  • Identification of user needs.
  • Usability testing and validation with customers.

EX (Employee Experience):

  • Development of Customer-Centric Culture.
  • Development of Customer-Centric Teams.
  • Ambassador Programs.
  • Training in EX / CX.