Exit Plan

An optimization plan for improving the company's value.

At BDO, we have a team of specialized financial advisors to assist entrepreneurs in the process of optimizing the company's value for decision-making regarding growth or sale.

If you are evaluating the possibility of growing your company or selling it, we help and accompany you on that path through advice for improving the value, so that on the day you decide to sell your company, the results are optimal and aligned with both your economic-financial objectives and life plan.

  • Maximizing the transferable value of the business.
  • Ensuring that the owner is financially prepared.
  • Ensuring that there is a plan for the future


Our methodology will allow us to identify the business's strengths, protect them by mitigating risks, and identifying areas for improvement that increase the business's value at the time of sale. This will enable us to establish a comprehensive action plan that will facilitate optimizing the company's value, whether for growth or a sale.