You will agree with me on that the main difference between a general service firm and the service firm with which you desire to work is the capacity of the latter to assist you in solving current and future concerns and challenges of your company.

In more than 20 years as executive, I have learned that the only way to solve a problem is firstly by understanding it, but you and I know that this is NOT enough.

Your provider must be able to make things happen and to cause issues and assessments to turn into real solutions that work without generating new contingencies.

The solutions that a service firm provides must be grounded on the experience of its professionals, the standards and the observance of rules and procedures set out by its firm, the strength of its management but mainly, on the quality and integrity of each of the professionals forming part of it.

At BDO, we know that our people make the difference with our clients. You cannot be a two-faced firm: show one face to the market and a different one internally.

A reliable service provider involves not only qualified professionals, but also people satisfied with their daily duties.

This is why we invest time and effort in selecting our team, training them and showing them a challenging path for their development. We believe in the regular contact –both formal and informal- with our people. We have learned that we have to stay close to our clients, but also to our employees.

In addition to creating strong bonds with our people, we actively create same with the community we belong to, by forming part of business chambers, relevant associations and by providing pro-bono
services to selected NGOs based on the scope of their activities.

Results are there for everyone to view. We have consistently increased our client portfolio in the last years. Each client satisfaction survey has shown progress and preference by the companies that have chosen us as their service provider in the different practice areas offered by BDO.

Our clients and employees tell us we are on the right path.

If you have not had the chance yet, I would like to invite you to meet us. We will be able to tell you in greater detail what we do in companies like yours, but above all, we will make you feel who we are.

Sergio Crivelli
Managing Partner