Recruitment & Strategic Assessment

We are oriented to understanding an organisation’s culture to find the best for a given job position, based on company’s values and required competencies for that position.
- Middle management strategic recruitment. 
- Mass recruitment. 
- Young professionals. 
- Internal recruitment. 

Our team is made up of expert professionals with robust technical background and full domain of different tools. We identify personality features, individual management style and its alignment with the organisation's values.
- Psychological work profile.
- Personal potential assessment.

HR Planning
Our ptractice is supperted by tools enabling us to help customers set the criteria for identifying the best resources for key positions within their own organisations. This will allow you to make decisions that will improve business performance.
- Talent detection.
- Replacement /succession plans.

Investment effectiveness
We have developed metrics to measure the company's ROI on employee training and development programmes.

Training programmes.
We offer staff recruitment courses, seminars and workshops aimed at providing decision making tools, basically for middle management and manager positions.

Organisation and structure
We support organisations along the process of setting objectives, strategic guidelines, organisational structure design and job positions, strategic planning or change or improvement projects start-up.